Why Did You Shave Your Head? Zine


This was a question someone asked me a few months ago that I never really got to answer the way I wanted. I didn't realize buzzing all my hair off meant so much to me until I started making this zine.
I wasn't really thinking about what people would say when I shaved it all off in June this year (2022).

I'm currently caregiving for my mom who has terminal cancer. Caregiving is a hard job - even more so when it comes to your own family member. My hair was the longest it had been before I cut it. But it felt like such an obstacle to cross before I opened the door for the LVN, or going out to shop for groceries in the hot sun, or greeting the medical equipment drop off delivery guys at the door.

Trying to look presentable with a mop of bleached, silver hair, and crispy dead ends was just impossible. I couldn't afford to prioritize myself like that anymore because my mom was depending on me for a lot at the start and I struggled to find the rhythm of it all.

Shaving my hair gave me freedom to not really care about the way I look and just focus on the person in my life that needs my love and care the most.

This is a zine with 24 pages full of illustrations printed on 20# text paper. All printed and assembled by yours truly :) A good zine for someone going through a difficult time in their life.

-24 Pages
-double sided full color printed illustrations and text
-saddle stitched
-8.5" L x 7"W