Single Sentence Spoilers Faux Riso Zine


I was inspired by the tons and tons of series I've watched on Netflix to create this zine. The idea first came on when I watched Midnight Mass and just went from there. These "spoilers" are simply just my short and sweet but brutally honest take on these shows.

Inside this zine is 18 pages of images and my single sentence spoilers!

I've recently been experimenting with risography printing and wanted to try and see if I could achieve the same effect with my inkjet printer. The colors are not as vibrant as a risograph printer but I like how some of the characteristics of the offset printing and overlap of colors came out with this little experiment!

*disclaimer* No two zine are the same. The text or images may be a little more offset on some pages than others. These are all printed, cut, and assembled by yours truly.

-Double Sided Color Print
-Printed on Regular Printer Paper
-Steel Staples