Cat Allergy Club Zine


This is a mini 6-page zine about my super severe cat allergies.
This was originally supposed to just be a sticker design but after seeing so many people's cats
through zoom and tik tok, I was inspired to make this mini zine!

Since so many people are cat lovers, I thought it would be interesting to share the perspective
of someone that admires cats but can only do it from afar.
My allergies include bad rashes, watery red eyes, and a super runny nose- and since I have asthma, I get a bonus
symptom- having difficulty breathing around cats.

I illustrated these on Photoshop and printed them on some fancy 40# heavyweight matte paper (a hybrid between regular printer paper and cardstock). This is a double sided zine printed on an 8.5" x 11" paper. On the back of the zine is a little info graphic on how I usually prepare for a cat visit. (definitely use this advice at your own discretion-it works differently for everyone)

-8.5"x11" double sided print that folds into a 6 page zine
-full color print
-4.25" x 2.75